For bathing and caring for toddlers and babies!

No more crying, difficult postures and sore backs! In the Babystanderi a child can feel nice and safe while their diapers are changed or their muddy clothes are cleaned. Also the baby has more privacy in the basin of the Babystanderi. The workload of parents and nannies is reduced and their moments together while taking a bath become nice and memorable.

For who?

Babystanderi® shower basin is suitable for places, where toddlers are taking care and changing diapers.

Babystanderi® a CE- marked care and shower basin for toddlers diminishes the nannies’ physical workload as they don’t need to support the child in the basin.
The child can stand and hold on, which eliminates constant and continuous muscular-skeletal strain.

In the design of the product special attention was given to the ergonomics, hygiene and the comfort of the product for the baby and the adult.
Lot of effort was put into the design and safe materials of the Babystanderi.

Babystanderi has been designed for babies that are able to stand supporting themselves. Also the adult can stand up straight while bathing their baby.
Say goodbye to bending over, holding up your baby and a sore back!



Height 119 cm (46,9"), bottom diameter 54,6 cm (21,5")
Weight 14 kg, weight installed 45 kg
Material: Polyethylene, PE recyclable material.
The bottom has an extendable Ø32mm tube for running the water to the drain. The Babystanderi is stabilized with its internal 30 liter water tank.
For leveling, the Babystanderi has adjustable feet.

Babystanderi is produced in Finland and it has been granted the Design from Finland as well as the Key Flag Symbol!

CE    key flag       Design

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